Ecotaxi collected sorted waste in the Pryazhinsky district of Karelian Republic

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Ecotaxi in Vedlozero

“Ecotaxi”, organized by the WasteLess Karelias CBC Project jointly with the Calypso company and the Ecodvor project, visited the villages of Yurgilitsa, Vedlozero, Pryazha and Matrosy over the last weekend of November.

This was the first experience of organizing an “outbound” Ecotaxi, which runs around Petrozavodsk almost every day. We very much hoped that the residents of the villages in Pryazha municipal district would take an active part in the action, as this event aimed at making their living environment cleaner by collecting the waste that can be recycled.

In general, despite the challenging COVID time and the limited possibilities to organize an efficient info campaign, we believe that Ecotaxi pilot journey was a success. We collected 1342 kg of recyclable materials: 917 kg of paper and cardboard, 263 kg of glass, 101 kg of plastic, 61 kg of metal. All recyclable materials were transferred to the Calypso company for additional sorting and transporting to recycling industries.

We thanks everyone who took part in the event. Now, together with our partners, we will think how to make this experience even more successful in the future, and use it in other settlements in Karelian Republic.

The details of the action can be found in the TV Karelia's reports in Karelian and Russian.