Cross Border Business Opportunities Creation Empowered by Modern IT and IoT Technologies (KA4033)


Our Project is planning to solve the problem of technological, business and environmental sustainability of aqua-culture (AC) SMEs in Republic of
Karelia (Karelia) and Finland by empowering these SMEs with innovative solutions of Internet of Things (IoT) and Modern Information
Technologies (mIT).

AC is an important blue bioeconomy industry growing rapidly, and both Karelia and Finland have a large potential for its growth due to abundant
water resources. For instance, the Finnish strategy highlights the need for business networks and sustainable use of the resources, including AC.

Due to abundant water resources, shared border and close climate conditions, both Finland and Karelia have large potential to sustain growth of
AC industry. To meet the growing needs and solve the problems, the AC industry should increase its competitiveness, adapt new technologies,
and establish cooperation among AC industry stakeholders. Rapid growth of IT, rise of IoT allow to improve interaction with suppliers, consumers
and partners, provide continuous monitoring of production processes, automate control, etc. Finally, it gives opportunities to improve business
efficiency, reduce prime costs, improve competitiveness and low environmental impact of AC SMEs.


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  Start - 30.10.2018
  End - 30.10.2020

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  The overall objective is Increased CB economic interaction and trade.

  We’ll be achieving this through our specific objective: CB business opportunities created for AC SMEs through adaptation of
 innovative IoT/mIT.

  We address the problems by adapting IoT/mIT, developing ready-to-use solutions with focus on system operation, on-line monitoring
 and water pollution control, and building CB awareness about the solutions itself and IoT/mIT opportunities among the SMEs,
 constructing CB cooperation network and Business Synergy Portal. We are focusing our work on improving AC SMEs technological
 capabilities, business competitiveness and lowering their environmental impact.

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  The examples of the problems which can be solved using IoT/mIT are following:

  1. When using closed water systems, one of the main challenges is to build and maintain a constant quality of recycled water in
 the system (oxygen, nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, other indicators).

 At the same time, taking the production process as a whole, the recycled system inside is far from being invariable: difference
 of the cleaning system load depends on the caviar, larvae, fish growing, while hydrochemistry quality indicators differ depending
 on fish weight, feed volume, water temperature. An IoT/mIT based solution with the support of a special mathematical model can
 perform a water quality monitoring and control to support technological lines of closed water systems and water recycling in
 aquaculture production.

  2. Design of fish tanks and selection of their placement in open water; control of fish tanks relative to wind, wave and ice conditions,
 and their effect on AC.

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  Institute of Applied Mathematical Research of Karelian Research Centre Russian Academy of Sciences


    Contact Person: Evgeny Ivashko, Senior Researcher and Head of High-performance Data Center

    Official address: IAMR KarRC RAS 11, Pushkinskaya str. Petrozavodsk Karelia Russia

    Postal address: IAMR KarRC RAS 11, Pushkinskaya str. Petrozavodsk Karelia 185910, Russia


    Telephone number: +7 (8142) 78-11-08

    Website of the organisation:

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