Students taught modern technologies

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Практические занятия

For two weeks group of students from Petrozavodsk State University participated in the training course on Kizhi Island. The theme of the training course was “Research of the  historic village”. The students studied all the places and routes of Kizhi Island.   The group left Kizhi Island with the bundle of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.  The teachers and museum workers generously shared their knowledge, professional skills and experience in the sphere of  conservation and studying of wooden architecture.

Professionals from Saint-Petersburg  company  taught  the students to use modern technologies such  as laser scanning and photogrammetry. Practical lessons were held on WHS “Kizhi Pogost”. It was a great fortune for the students, that they had such teachers and practice on the best site of wooden architecture.

We hope that some of the students once will join the professionals of the Kizhi Museum.

The programme is financed by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.