Spring gathering -seminar 28.4.2021

Submitted by KA8019 on 30.04.2021 - 12.34
Seminar as seen from Zoom-room

The partners of the project MetalBoost “Strengthening cross-border co-operation among metal industry players" connected through the internet on Wednesday 28.4.2021.

The seminar aimed to improve cooperation conditions, create and boost direct links across the border, and help partners understand each other’s part in the project.

Representatives from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and Kainuu Vocational College attended the meeting from Edukai's Zoom-room in Kajaani, while representatives of Škoda Transtech Oy, Petrozavodsk Auto transport Tekhnikum, AEM-technologies JSC Branch Petrozavodskmash, Kostomuksha Polytechnic College, Tekom Prof Ltd, and Administration of urban town Kostomuksha connected to the meeting from their respective offices.

Fortunately, technology helps us keep in touch and organize seminars, as this form of seminar through Zoom. The connections between companies and educational institutes from Kainuu and the Republic of Karelia were slowed down due to COVID-19, but the success of the bilingual event will lead to more meetings between the parties over the year.