SUSWAM project news update

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Clean Games

SUSWAM project proceeds well despite the continuing restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

Preparation works at the landfill of OOO MSA are undergoing. In summer 2020 a pit was dug, and a "pillow" from the waste rock was formed to strengthen the foundation. For the period from 01.12.2020 to 31.05.2021, preparatory work for asphalting the sorting site was suspended because the site was covered with snow. Now additional filling of the site with rock is being carried out. Negotiations with the contractors who will do asphalting of the site are ongoing. It has been rescheduled for summer 2022, in line with the original project plan.

A series of meetings were organized in Kostomuksha City district to discuss and find solutions for problematic waste fractions, such as batteries, glass, car tyres, electrical and electronic devices. The working meetings involved various stakeholders, such as regional authorities, local waste companies, ecologists, ecological volunteers, project members, regional waste operator and Karelia CBC programme representatives. Kostomuksha is considering the possibility to organize biowaste composting. Preliminary feasibility research is being carried out in order to investigate and assess the worthiness and economical benefit of organizing composting.

Social media campaign for increasing inhabitants awareness on waste sorting in Finland has been planned and being implemented in June in Facebook and Instagram. Ekokymppi, Entrinki and KAMK contribute to the content.

Entrinki is preparing the concept of video training for recycling of certain valuable waste fractions that would be shared with the Russian project partners. Hopefully, some of the Finnish practices would be considered for the implementation in Russia.  

In order to boost ecological education among Kostomuksha population Suswam project decided to take part and support Clean Games, organized in Kostomuksha in July 2021. Clean games is an international concept of the team competition which is aimed at collecting and sorting waste in natural and city areas.  The game includes looking for artefacts, solving environmental puzzles, collecting points for waste sorting and earning prizes for the best teams. The implementation of the game is supported by the mobile phone app. The concept of the game is free for both participants and oranisers. The First International Clean Games tournament was held among the Baltic Sea Countries in autumn 2019 as part of the World Cleanup Day.

KAMK is negotiating with Kajaani City and head organisers of Clean Games to duplicate the concept of the game in Kajaani in 2022 and potentially farther in Finland. This will provide a unique opportunity to promote ecological awareness, population education and international cooperation across the Finnish-Russian border.