Updates from Summer 2021

Submitted by KA8019 on 16.08.2021 - 08.42
Summer news from Metalboost

Many things have happened during the summer. Here are some events and updates on the progress and success of the program.

Tekom Prof takes part in job fair "TECHNO.PRO"

In April, Tekom Prof took part in the TECHNO.PRO job fair for technical and engineering specialties, organized by the PetrSU Career Center. The company received information about the possibilities of the educational institution and the training of engineering students. At the fair, the personnel told the students about the activities of the company, working conditions and the possibility of internships.

Tekom Prof at TECHNO.PRO job fair

Today the labor market needs qualified engineers. Tekom Prof saw the interest of students in open vacancies at our enterprise and the company welcomes young employees without work experience, because they have flexibility of thinking and a desire to develop. The job fair has an important feature for the students as well - here you can get a job from reliable hands.

Schoolchildren visit at Petrozavodsk Autotransport Tekhnikum

On June 10th 2021, schoolchildren of the vocational guidance camp of Lyceum No. 13 visited the Petrozavodsk Autotransport Tekhnikum and a theme day was held for them - the trade union organization "Transport and Industry". During the prepared event, the children visited the workshops of our technical school, especially the welding workshop that has been equipped with new welding equipment with the help of Metalboost.

Children at the welding workshop

The schoolchildren not only got acquainted with the professions and specialities of the technical school, but also became welders for a short time.

Industrial training masters and teachers shared their experience with the children and in practice showed the importance of choosing the right profession.

At the end of our meeting, the schoolchildren were offered the opportunity to test their knowledge during the game: they guessed puzzles, charades, riddles, and collected puzzles. Saying goodbye, the guys said that they would like to come to us again, and will certainly come to us to study in the future.

New personnel hired at Kainuu Vocational College

Kainuu Vocational College has hired new personnel to aid in the co-operation between borders. A new work supervisor has been appointed to aid Russian students get work in the Kainuu metal industry without language tests. This creates great opportunities for both students and companies, combining new workers with companies that need more professionals in their workforce without complications.

Another new personnel for the programme has also been appointed at the College. They specialize in marketing, creating and teaching educational content in russian. The work will aid in making the knowledge of the Finnish college easier to teach in both Petrozavodsk and Kostomuksha.