12. Supplementary call

The Call for Proposals opens on 14th December 2021 and closes on 17th March 2022.

Application pack:

Guidelines for the Call

Budget template

Logical Framework Matrix template

Partnership statement template

Communication plan template

The application is filled in PROMAS.

This is a supplementary Call for Proposals for re-committing released funding. Selected projects can be either development or capitalisation projects.

A development project is working towards a defined specific objective related to the programme priorities and priority elements. Minimum amount of the total cost of the project is 50 000 EUR. 

A capitalisation project is linked to an implemented Karelia CBC project, either finalised or ongoing. The aim of the project is to further improve the outputs of the project, further disseminate the results of the project and share experiences with relevant stakeholders. Minimum amount of the total cost of the project is 20 000 EUR and the maximum amount 60 000 EUR.

This call for proposal re-commits funding released from the implemented projects. The overall amount made available under this call for proposal is not known at the time of launching the call but will change according to the amount of released funding.

The call is one-phased. 

The Managing Authority provides information related to the call for proposals, applying for funding and preparing the application and offers applicants a possibility for bilateral consultations.  A bilateral meeting can be booked on calendar.

The required annexes are submitted only in PROMAS. There is no need to submit printed annexes attached to the printed and signed application. Please, do not attach any other than required annexes to the application. They are not taken into account in the evaluation.