To Karelia for new tastes

Submitted by KA4007 on 01.02.2021 - 19.17

Good news for gastronomic tourism enthusiasts: in Karelia, a route has been created to the most interesting places where you can taste local cuisine. It is available to everyone - both independent travelers and travel companies.

The route starts in Petrozavodsk, the capital of the republic, continues in the Ladoga area and, crossing the border, passes through Finland. Its creators connected 27 places in 19 Russian and Finnish cities, towns and villages: from almost home-style eateries to trendy restaurants.

Experts have carefully verified the Gourmet Taste of Karelia gastronomic route. The lead partner in its development was the Institute of Economics of the Karelian Scientific Center of RAS. Scientists together with the project partners from Russia and Finland (Karelia University of Applied Sciences (Finland), North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium (Finland), Forgis Oy (Finland), OOO OnegoTour (Russia), KROO Art-Shater (Russia), the Megrega rural settlement administration (Russia), social activists, representatives of businesses and municipalities found out the possibilities of the border territories of the two countries for gastronomic tourism, made an expedition to all the points and tested the participants of the route.

The work was carried out under the project “Kalitka – the development of cross-border gastronomic tourism” within the framework of the Karelia CBC Program funded by the European Union, Finland and Russia. As a result, not only the route was created, but also a gastronomic map with catering points marked on it, where you can taste local cuisine. It is available for free in the mobile application through a QR code. We invite all tourists to download the mobile application for planning and going on a gastronomic trip.

By the way, “kalitka” is the name of the most famous Karelian dish – a small rye pie of a special shape filled with mashed potatoes or millet. Other than that, the local cuisine is famous for its dishes from fish, mushrooms, wild berries and many others. Come to Karelia for picturesque views and new tastes!