Mission is to strengthen competence and connections for businesses in creative industries between Finland and Russia.

Stakeholders will receive versatile and high-quality cross-sectoral services, co-creation workshops, knowledge and networks in order to produce new initiatives whether as business, cultural exchange or something in between public-, private and third sector activities.


  • Improvement of skills, capacities and knowledge sharing of cultural stakeholders
  • Acceleration of creative industries start-up businesses for better services and products
  • Strengthening mediator's skills 
  • Co-learning and cross-border team working are in central role in all of the activities


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South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Karelian Regional Institute of Continuing Professional Education

Karelian College of Culture and Arts

Oulu University of Applied Sciences


CULTA is a three-year cultural training and activation initiative between Russian Karelian and Finnish Northern Ostrobothnia regions. The overall budget of the project is 497 880 €. The project focuses on developing the program area's cultural service concepts produced by and for start-ups, businesses and other relevant actors. As a result, high-quality cultural services will be more available to both local inhabitants as well as tourists. In order to secure sustainability of the project's results, it also fosters the development of support services (including mediator, management and production skills) as well as a positive development of the operating environment through raising awareness of the challenges and possibilities of cultural CBC.



CULTA activities provide

  • Improvement of skills and capacities of cultural stakeholders
  • Knowledge sharing, transferring of best practices through all its activities
  • Start-ups will be able to provide better services and products for visitors of target areas
  • Targeted support services for cultural actors improves
  • Curriculum and mediator skills are recognized, including policy recommendations
  • Co-learning is in central role in training activities eg. seminars, workshops, mentoring, cross-border teamworking.



Project provides availability for locals and tourists (service attractiveness development), through multi-disciplinary actions between creative industry actors as well as those within media, tourism/travel and festival management especially.

Creates a base for support services for mediators, management event production professionals and r&d activities.

Raises awareness of challenges and possibilities within cultural cross-border area. Increases the diversity of cultural services and activities in the region also from an international perspective and in the long term furthers the number of international tourists to the area.

Focuses horizontally and as part of concrete activities to further sustainable solutions to business and cultural exchange in the region.


Support material for cross-border co-operation

International Online Trading

Innovative Entrepreneurship in Tourism Industry
Lecture 1:


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Katriina Klemola, Project Manager OAMK

Silja Suntola, Local Project Coordinator XAMK

Denis Pyzhikov, Local Project Coordinator KRICPE

Oksana Konopleva, Local Project Coordinator ColCult