SUPER:Sustainability Under Pressure: Environmental Resilience in natural and cultural heritage areas with intensive recreation (KA5033)    



     Our project focuses on unique natural and cultural heritage sites found in the boreal landscape of Karelia and Finland:

                              • Kizhi State Open Air Museum and its buffer zone with more than 20 villages (UNESCO heritage site);
                              • Vodlozersky biosphere reserve and national park, including Kuganavolok village (UNESCO heritage site);
                              • North Karelia biosphere reserve (NKBR) in Finnish – Russian border region (UNESCO heritage site);
                              • Rokua Geopark located 100 km from Oulu in the region of Oulu and Kajaani (UNESCO heritage site).   
The sites are attractive and visited by numerous tourists, making them vulnerable, and threatening their conservational values and capacities to handle the side effects of tourism (i.e. management, wearing out of the surroundings and vegetation, eutrophication of waters). Proper environmental management and development of waste management capacities are needed to reduce these negative impacts and maintain areas attractive also for tourism.


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