KA5041 Green Nature Based Solutions in Tourism to reduce negative impact on the environment (NatureBeST)

It is expected that the implementation of the project will allow conducting a study of the tourism sector in the Finnish and Russian project areas, identifying the problems and obstacles in this sector and instruments to reduce the negative impact on the environment. In particular, standard technical solutions will be developed for tourism companies to reduce the negative impact on the environment: the installation of modern wastewater treatment systems, separate collection and recycling of waste, filters for cleaning emissions, modern water intake systems, use of solar and wind energy, energy efficient heating systems, etc.

It is assumed that due to the project owners and personnel of tourist camps/centres and guest houses operating in the project areas will be more aware of the environmental issues, will become more active in applying technical solutions aimed at conserving nature. Pilot demonstration objects will be used for continious demonstration and capacity building purposes and project results dissemination. Tourists coming to rest in the project areas will be aware of the importance of nature conservation and will be more responsive to their behavior in nature.

See also biosphere -web pages for more about NatureBeST and other bioshere projects from kareliabiosphere.fi

Project news

Lead partner: KRICPE at PetrSU

—Partners: NGO “Energy Efficiency Centre” (EEC); Tourists information center of the Republic of Karelia (TICRK); LLC  "Velena“; Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment  of North Karelia (CEDTENK); Finnish Environment Insitute (SYKE).   

Overall objective of the project will be improved living and working environment.

The project will be done in line with element of the priority of this call for proposals “Improvement of people’s living environment”.

Specific objective will be: “Environmental effectiveness of tourist enterprises in the cross-border region is enhanced through ecological and economically sound solutions”.

The target groups of the project are:

•                Owners and personnel of tourist camps/centres and guest houses operating in the project territories (The project territories of North Karelia and Kainuu,  the Finnish side and the Northern Ladoga and Kostomuksha and Kalevala districts from the Russian side are determined by the largest tourist flows between Finland and the Republic of Karelia passing through the border crossings of Niirala / Värtsilä and Vartius / Lyttä);

•                Representatives of supervisory authorities in the sphere of environmental legislation;

The final beneficiaries will be:

•                Tourists visiting project areas;

•                The population of the project territories.

The main outputs of the project will be:

1.  Tourism sector  environmental problems identified and key green development targets chosen.

2.  Applicable methods and technologies are selected to reduce the environmental pressure of  tourist companies.

3. Ecological solutions implemented at pilot tourist objects for further demonstration and capacity building purposes.

4. Target groups' knowledge and awareness on environmental vulnerability is improved.

Sergey Koshelev

project manager (KRICPE at PetrSU)

koshelev@krimel.karelia.ru    +7 (8142) 73-13-80