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Submitted by Evgenia on 05.06.2019 - 14.29

Seurantakomitea vahvisti hankevalinnat ja seuraavat hankkeet etenevät kontraktointivaiheeseen:


Toimintalinja 1. Kasvava rajanylittyvä yritysyhteistyö

Social cross-border entrepreneurship: Start-up for everyone and opportunities for all, University of Oulu (KA8002): Development of youth entrepreneurship in the field of socially useful services in the Republic of Karelia and Finland

Logistics for Business Karelia-Oulu region: Developing  logistics knowledge and capabilities among small and medium sized companies, University of Oulu (KA8009): Increased logistics and trade options knowledge among manufacturing, whiolesale, export, and transport companies, as well as other stakeholders such as business intermediaries, as an effective way to facilitate and boost cross-border business cooperation between Oulu-Kainuu region and Karelia.

Strengthening cross-border co-operation among metal industry players, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KA8019): Improved metal industry image by raising profile of the industry, developing competence level and strengthening collaboration among the industry players

Karelian Wellness, Karelia University of Applied Sciences (KA8022): Increased business and interaction in wellness service sector across the Karelian border.

Northern Crafts ID: Identity Development of Northern Crafts, Association of Ethno-Cultural and Heritage Organizations-ECHO (KA8028): Improved capacity and increased possibility to start and develop handicrafts related business in the program area.

Tools for enhancing access to forest resources in crossborder bioeconomy, Joensuu Science Park Ltd. (KA8041): Advanced planning technology has been developed in the forest logistics


Toimintalinja 2. Houkutteleva kulttuuriympäristö

Culture for All Axes, Support and Development of Ethnocultural Initiatives Foundation (KA9010): Increased competitiveness of cultural services and products by upgrading service design practices

New Cultural Horizons, State Educational Organization of the Republic of Karelia "Educational Development Institute" (SEORK "Educational Development Institute") (KA9011): Improved availability and accessibility of the additional education  services in the field of culture and art for children and youth  with special needs.

Museums in focus: development of cultural services for Chinese tourists, Budgetary institution "The Museum of fine arts of the Republic of Karelia" (KA9021): Museum services and products for Chinese travellers are available at the regional level.

Ordinary Man in a Great War, Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (KrcRAS) (KA9036): Increased skills and capacities to utilise and market cultural and historical destinations as tourist attractions


Toimintalinja 3. Puhdas ja miellyttävä elinympäristö

PRO TROUT-Prospering native brown trout and local fishing professions, Metsähallitus, Wildlife Service Finland (KA10003): Fisheries of Lake Pyaozero are utilized, controlled and managed in a way that amends erosion of fish biodiversity in the border area and makes fishing-based nature tourism a sustainable income option for the local people.

Improving the water quality for local use of water resources and ecological state in the cross-border rivers Koitajoki and Tohmajoki, Finnish Environment Institute (KA10010): Created preconditions for improvement of ecological state and water quality in the cross-border rivers Koitajoki and Tohmajoki.

Sustainable waste management in Karelia and Kainuu, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KA10013): Reduced waste-based harmful effects on environment in Kainuu and Karelia.

PeatStop - Sustainable runoff water management in Karelia and Kainuu, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KA10020): Improved runoff water management in programme area cities decreasing the negative environmental load.



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