Museums in focus: development of cultural services for Chinese tourists (KA9021)

Welcome to “Museums in focus” project (KA9021)!

The project is aimed at development of museum services and products for Chinese travelers at the regional level applying the experience of capital museums on the both sides of the border.

Start date: 1st of January 2020

Duration of the project: 24 months

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Nowadays the world faces the rapid rise of the Chinese travelers. According to the latest statistics of the UN World Tourism Organization, in 2001 a modest 10.5 million overseas trips were made by Chinese residents. In 2017 the figure was 145 million – an astounding increase of 1,380 %. The China Outbound Tourism Research Institute predicts that overseas trips by the country’s residents will increase to more than 400 million by 2030. Russia and Finland are in focus of Chinese travelers. The number of Chinese residents visiting both countries is growing from year to year. For the first time, Chinese tourism favored the capital sightseeing. While now we face a growth in Chinese tourism on the regional level. But the civilization differences between Chinese and Western culture require a special attitude in the hosting of Chinese tourists. The experience of major museums shows that there’s a need to create a special and favorable environment for Chinese travelers.

In this case the “MUSEUMS IN FOCUS” project is a complex initiative consisting of three major dimensions.

The first one increases the level of competences of regional and local cultural stakeholders on China-friendly environment on the basis of produced recommendations and analysis by experts participated at the educational modules for the museums to change or correct the information environment, to provide services and products, to make the attitude of museum staff more hospitable.

The second work package establishes museum tourism facilities with a regard to the principles of experience economy saying that tourists visiting new places wishes to experience new memorable emotions. Best available practices and solutions to China-friendly environment are adopted at both Karelias (pilots in the museums) increasing supply of high-quality services and products that corresponds to the expectations of customers from China. It provides better conditions for well organized and functioning museum cultural services.

The third work package implies advanced marketing campaigns in the global network, social media as well as traditional presentations for relevant target groups (through participation in tourism exhibitions, museum fairs and show tours). It increases the awareness of relevant target groups on the existing museum tourist services and products for Chinese tourists.

The project will provide cultural actors with relevant instruments and knowledge to be competitive and able to become a part of Chinese tourism market through increased cross-border cooperation between Finnish and Russian organizations with the focus on museum product development for Chinese travelers and improved understanding by regional museums of the demands and expectations on cultural services of customers from China.



Museum of fine arts of the Republic of Karelia (Petrozavodsk, Russia)

      Project manager: Tatiana Saltykova, e-mail: saltykova(at)

      Project assistant: Natalia Kozlovskaya, e-mail: kozlovskaya(at)

      PR-manager: Irina Latkina, e-mail: latkina(at)



Joensuu Museums (North Karelia, Finland)

       Contact persons:

Tarja Raninen-Siiskonen, tarja.raninen-siiskonen(at)

Pauliina Kaasalainen, pauliina.kaasalainen(at)

Project coordinator: Sami Tanskanen, sami.tanskanen(at)